Treatment At Our Diabetes Clinic

What is your  philosophy in treating diabetes?

We will focus on tailoring the plan of treatment to each individual, because every individual is unique.

What should a diabetes care plan include?

There are a number of things diabetic patients can do to manage the condition and its symptoms. One of the most important things is to learn what makes their blood sugar rise and drop, and another is to learn to control blood sugar levels. Different foods can significantly affect blood sugar levelsCoordinating meals and medications is recommended too. Regular exercise, checking blood sugar levels, taking your medications—these things and many others are important as well.  In fact, professional assistance is necessary.

A professional in treating diabetes is able to help you come up with a lifestyle plan for managing the condition. This plan will factor in all of the many things to do to manage diabetes and its symptoms. A professional can help you monitor your blood glucose levels, prevent diabetes complications, and do much, much more for you. 

What is the best treatment for diabetes?

Treatment for diabetes, bedside diet and exercise, includes oral medications; the first line of treatment is Metformin. Other oral medications can be added. There are new advances including long-term injections which helps patients to lose weight.
Insulin is used if needed, and there are wide varieties of  long and short acting insulins that can be used skillfully by a capable internal medicine physician.

What kind of doctor do you go to for diabetes?

One of the most qualified professionals to manage diabetes is an internist. This professional is an internal medicine doctor who has completed an internal medicine residency. As a primary care provider and a specialist in treating the chronic conditions that affect adults and seniors, an internist can provide the continual care diabetics need. This includes blood glucose monitoring, symptom management, and complication prevention. And because diabetes complications can affect a patient in many ways, such as by affecting the feet, an internist can provide referrals to specialists, like podiatrists. Additionally, an internist can provide a referral to a diabetes specialist if necessary.

Do diabetics need to see an endocrinologist?

The majority of diabetics are being cared for by primary care physicians, especially internal medicine physicians. An internist is more than capable of providing the most fundamental care a diabetic person will need, and can also provide any necessary referrals. Dr. Magdi Elsaadi,MD is a fully capable internist who has been treating patients with diabetes for over 30 years, and he’d be very happy to see you for consultation to see how he can help you manage your diabetes and live as healthily as possible.

Do you provide diabetes treatment in San Bernardino, CA?

Yes, Dr. Elsaadi  provides treatments for diabetics in the Inland Empire area; our patients come from a wide geographical location, including Highland, Redlands, Big Bear, Victorville, Loma Linda, Yucaipa,Colton, Grand Terrace, and Riverside. If you believe you could benefit from his services, then reach out to him at his office today. The doctor can see you for a same-day consultation, as well as same-day appointments whenever you need his care.